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This is the website of the Počni, ba: Crowdfunding u Bosni i Hercegovini initiative. It is a location where all information intended to be public can be published and promoted. Počni, ba is an Initiative driven by young staffers of the United Nations (UN) agencies in BiH who contribute with their time and energy on a voluntary basis. It is supported and financed by the UN agencies in BiH, but the views expressed herein are those of the Počni, ba and do NOT necessarily reflect the views of the UN or any other agency of the UN BiH.

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Crowdfunding is big, and it keeps getting bigger!

     In 2012 USD 2.7 billion was invested through crowdfunding. By 2015 this figure was USD 34.4 billion. The World Bank estimate this figure will be USD 93 billion by 2025 in developing countries alone. It gives people a chance to raise funding for their ideas and research has shown that it can create long-term enterprises and jobs.

In 2016 the World Bank estimates that 54.3% of young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina were unemployed. This number was even higher for women. Research indicates that women are far more successful raising money through crowdfunding than through more traditional sources such as venture capital, where biases exist. 

Unfortunately, crowdfunding is better known and has more success in some countries than others. The successful use of crowdfunding in Bosnia and Herzegovina is currently very limited. Compared to other countries in the region the success rate in Bosnia and Herzegovina is the lowest.

(The Crowdfunding Centre)

In fact, in 2016, there was only one successful campaign for every 1.7 million citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In Croatia, there was one successful campaign for every 263,000 citizens. In the UK this figure was 14,000.

We want to help change this!


1. We inspire and motivate people to launch crowdfunding campaigns. 

- We write and publish online content in Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian which makes people aware of the possibilities offered by crowdfunding and inspires and motivates them to use it as a tool.

2. We share the skills and knowledge to launch crowdfunding campaigns.

We offer free, one-day crowdfunding workshops to young people, startups, NGOs, and SMEs in various locations across Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

- We write and publish online content and tools offering support throughout the crowdfunding process in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian. 

3. We build a highly-relevant crowd and showcase campaigns from Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

We build a crowd of people interested in supporting campaigns from Bosnia and Herzegovina through social media.

- We build a list of subscribers interested in supporting campaigns from Bosnia and Herzegovina to our newsletter.

 - We build relationships with diaspora associations. 


- We showcase campaigns from Bosnia and Herzegovina to our crowd.  

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