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© 2017 by Počni, ba

This is the website of the Počni, ba: Crowdfunding u Bosni i Hercegovini initiative. It is a location where all information intended to be public can be published and promoted. Počni, ba is an Initiative driven by young staffers of the United Nations (UN) agencies in BiH who contribute with their time and energy on a voluntary basis. It is supported and financed by the UN agencies in BiH, but the views expressed herein are those of the Počni, ba and do NOT necessarily reflect the views of the UN or any other agency of the UN BiH.

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Ideas. Community. Sharing. Democracy. Grassroots crowdfunding.
What is a SOUP event?

SOUP events open the door for possibilities. It is an innovative crowdfunding idea that was first tested in Detroit after the city went bust.

The concept is simple: people show up, donate a small amount, and listen to three or four people present an idea to improve the local community. Each presenter speaks for four minutes and cannot use Powerpoint or anything similar. The audience can then ask four questions to each presenter.

Then, soup and drink is served. People discuss the ideas they heard and then vote for their favourite.

The winner, based on democracy and critical conversation, gets the donations as prize money to fund their idea. They promise to come back to a future SOUP to share progress with the community.

The winner also gets the vote of confidence from the crowd as well as a new crowd of people with an interest and passion for their idea.

How can I take part?
Bosnian SOUP recipe:

1/ A crowd is gathered

2/ Four ideas are pitched in four minutes each

3/ Four questions are asked to each pitcher

4/ Food, drink, and discussion are had

5/ Votes are cast

6/ A winner is crowned

7/ The winner comes to a future SOUP to report

1/ You can attend, support, and vote.

2/ You can pitch your idea - and maybe win.

3/ You can start your own SOUP in your community. Read our How to Guide here.



Upcoming events: Tuesday 8th May @19:00 /  Tuesday 19th June @19:00 / Tuesday 17th July @19:00 / Tuesday 21st August @19:00 / Tuesday 18th September @19:00 / Tuesday 23rd October @19:00 / Tuesday 20th November @19:00 / Tuesday 18th December @19:00.

Location: The Brew Pub


Go to our Facebook event page here.

Pitch your idea here.


Upcoming events: To be confirmed.

Location: To be confirmed.


Go to our Facebook event page here.

Pitch your idea here.

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